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Games | drmarkgriffiths Are online penny auctions a form of gambling? Gaming Law Review and Economics, 19, 190-196. Marketing | drmarkgriffiths Where there are readily accessible opportunities to cash in or exchange those awarded in-game items for money or money’s worth those elements of the game are likely to be considered licensable gambling activities [Section 3.17]…Additional … purpose inc internet events and marketing – million bucks or In other U.S. states, gambling has not necessarily been legalized, but that probably doesn’t even matter when penny auctions are concerned.

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Penny Auctions - How to sell a $180 tablet for $7,264 04 Apr 2016 on Gambling. Unless you use an ad blocker, you probably notice ads for penny auction sites from time to time. They usually advertise with sketchy messages like “iPhone sold for $14.21.” Lawsuit Filed Against 5 Big Penny Auctions Alleges Illegal ... A lawsuit against 5 big players in the penny auction industry was recently filed in Illinois. Entertainment Shopping, Inc. (Swoopo & oohilove), Bidcactus, BigDeal, Quibids and Beezid are listed as defendants. The complaint alleges that penny auctions break gambling laws in all 50 states. Read the complaint. Are penny auctions gambling? Penny Auctions: They're Gambling - Coding Horror

Most modern legal systems have adopted a definition of a gambling transaction which distinguishes it in legal terms from other types of transactions (such as penny auctions or free lotteries). The first part of the definition is a payment in return for a chance to receive something of value.

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Bidders who are unsuccessful at winning an auction can choose to purchase the same auction item at retail price (“Buy it Now”) within 7 days of the auction ending and get their used bids back.

Penny Auctions: They're Gambling. Because Swoopo is, at its heart, thinly veiled gambling. The companies backing Swoopo and other Penny Auction sites are hoping unsophisticated regulatory agencies will buy the "It's not a game of chance" argument if it's wrapped in a lot of technical intarweb mumbo-jumbo they can't fully comprehend. But we're... Smokoo, penny-auctions and Consumer Protection Regulations