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Casino chips are not legal tender. If you want to get technical, they are not supposed to be used for paying cocktail waitresses for your drinks, either, but it's so commonplace that nobody cares. A random $5,000 chip appearing in someone's hand that can't show proof of play, however, is enough of a denomination to be flagged suspicious.

Casino tokens (also known as casino or gaming chips, checks, or cheques) are small discs used in lieu of currency in casinos. Colored metal, injection-molded plastic or compression molded clay tokens of various denominations are used primarily in table games, as opposed to metal token coins, used primarily in slot machines. casino poker chips Poker Chip Set 500 - Dice & Crown Style Casino Quality - 12 Gram Chips with Silver Aluminum case with Poker Odd Calculator, Dealer Button, Playing Cards and Dice ChipGuide - The Online Information Source For Casino Chip ... W elcome to the ChipGuide. If you haven’t been here before, you’ll quickly find that the guide is an excellent way to identify chips. The database currently has images and descriptions of chips from almost all states. When you click on your state of choice, you’ll find the chips by clicking on the name of the casino. Found Casino Chip - General Discussion - Off-Topic - Page ... Casino workers (slots, pit, and cage) are neutral referees who manage gambling games, table games, and slot machines, and see comparitively huge sums of money and chips with total neutrality towards it; we are frequently amazed by some members of the general public. The basic premise of "take what is rightfully yours, and return what isn't yours" has a very weak basis with a lot of people. Sad ...

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ChipGuide - The Online Information Source For Casino Chip ... A state by state guide for casino chip collectors, complete with photos and descriptions of more than 4,000 casino chips. $25,000 poker chip? | Yahoo Answers $25,000 poker chip? ... Its very very rare to have a 25,000 dollar chip in play in any casino I've only seen them once in a dealer bank at the bellagio in vegas

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Ace Casino Poker Chips are great chips for cash games or tournaments. The many options of denominations offer a wide range of play. This is a 14 gram heavy clay composite poker chip.

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Help!!!! how do I tell if $5000 chip is real?! | ChipTalk 2009-4-6 · is a dedicated forum for discussion of customer poker chips, home game poker chips, home poker game advice, and advice on anything poker chip related from clay poker chips, ceramic poker chips, to where to buy. We are family friendly and the ChipTalk members are eager to help newbies with poker chip advice!. 25 Gold Rush 13.5 Gram Poker Chips - $5,000 This is the $5,000 "Gold Rush" clay composite poker chips from Claysmith Gaming. Claysmith offers true casino quality poker chips for the home player. (Please order them in increments of 25).